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Services Available

Services available are listed below.  Multiple services at the same yard on the same day may be discounted.  Payment is due at the time of completion.  Fencing, spraying and riding school surface jobs require minimum of 50% non-refundable deposit at time of booking for materials to be ordered.  Bookings are weather permitting and may be postponed .

Please contact me to discuss your requirements



Correct fencing which is well maintained allows for ease of turn out reduces injuries due to lack of maintenance or damaged fencing.  Fencing materials are supplied and erected and includes posts, post and rail fencing as well as stock fencing and palacade.  Fencing can be done at any time of the year but will depend on ground conditions.  Fencing is priced per meter.

Sand School Maintenance

Schools and arenas cost a lot of money to build.  I have found that not many have regular maintenance to keep the surface in top condition.  This causes the outside and corners of the school to bank as the surface will move and will not be level across the whole area.  Regular harrowing of your riding surface, with the correct harrow, will lift and level the surface.  Which in itself reduces compaction, keeping the surface level, creating the ideal riding surface which his important to both horses and their riders.  Maintenance can be carried out at any time of year and prices start from £60 / school.

surface harrowing.jpg

Riding School Surface & Top Ups


Over time, a riding surface will erode.  Topping the surface up regularly maintains a safe, flexible riding surface.  It is advised, but not essential,  that the surface is not ridden on for 14 days after installing.  This allows for the surface to settle.  Prices are product dependant.  Currently stocking Silica Sand and two types of fibre based surface.

surface bales.jpg

Flail Mowing

This type of mower is used for clearing heavier grass and scrub which a normal topper could not cope with.  This can be carried out at any time of year and is especially good for clearing brambles, stinging nettles and saplings.  Prices from £30 / hour

Mowing topping.jpg


Harrowing pulls up dead grass and thatch to allow healthy grass to develop and allows for new growth.  Harrowing will also break up any manure across the pasture and allowing it to rot quicker and is a great natural fertiliser.  Ideally harrowing should be carried out in the spring, as the grass starts to grow, but potentially can be done at anytime of the year.  Prices start from £30 / acre



Topping is an essential part of grassland management, especially if horses are the only species grazing.  Topping helps to maintain quality of the pasture.  This can be carried out Spring / Summer and mainly during the growing period.  Prices from £35 / acre



Rolling levels uneven ground after winter grazing.  It supports better grass growth through the growing season.  Usually done in early Spring but the ground MUST be soft. Prices start from £35 / acre

grass rolling.jpg


Spraying is used as a form of weed control.  I have the latest GPS software which also includes field mapping and can show exactly where has been sprayed.  If broadleaf weeds are not kept under control, the quality of the pasture will suffer tremendously.  Best time of year depends on many factors, but usually April to September. Prices are product dependant.

The country way new logo#.jpg

Fertiliser Spreading

Fertilising  is applied throughout the growing season, ideally in Spring when the grass is starting to establish.  Prices are product dependant.

fert spreading.jpg

Gates & Gate Posts


Correctly hung gates create an ease of livestock and vehicle access.  Metal or wooden gates can be sourced, depending on the clients requirements.  Can also be done at any time of year, but again ground conditions will be vital.  Prices depending on gates used.

gate 2.jpg

Tree Removal & Chipping

If you have a fallen tree or tree that has damaged your fencing or close to damaging a building, these can be cut down and chipped.
Wood chip can be used in a variety of ways

Services: Services


Invasive weeds such as buttercups and moss thrive in compacted grazing areas.  By slitting the ground we can break through the compaction, allowing moisture and Co2 to reach the grass roots, aiding better growth and coverage.

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